SWEDISH MASSAGE incorporates long, flowing strokes with medium to firm pressure. This most common style of massage is excellent for stress relief and relaxation.

DEEP TISSUE is not just deep pressure, but intense and specific work on deeper musculature and connective tissue; especially good for injuries and chronic pain.

HEATED BAMBOO MASSAGE utilizes warm Bamboo tools to perform Deep Tissue massage techniques.  The therapist uses a combination of Swedish and Deep Tissue massage strokes and incorporates Bamboo for releasing deeper layers of muscle for an incredible sensation of relaxation and calm.

CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY is one of the most subtle and yet profoundly powerful treatments you can receive.  It helps regulate the circulation of the cerebrospinal fluid and by releasing restrictions in the dural membrane to improve the function of the central nervous system.  After a session, many people report experiencing relief from migraines, headaches, jaw tension and temporomandibular disorders (TMD), sciatica, back injuries, whiplash, as well as chronic neck and back pain.  This session is performed fully clothed or can be incorporated into your massage session.

TRIGGER POINT involves applying static pressure, vibration, etc to specific areas that cause local or referred pain.

ACUPRESSURE works on the theory of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) to unblock stagnant Chi or energy in the body.

AROMATHERAPY is used to help balance the mind/body through absorption and inhalation as well as enhance and extend the benefits of the massage.

MOIST HEAT can help muscles to unwind and soften, bringing comfort and relaxation to the body.

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BODY BRUSHING is an ancient therapeutic practice assisting the lymphatic system to remove toxins in the body. Excellent for exfoliation, increasing circulation, and anti-aging.

FOOT/HAND MASSAGE targets the many nerve endings and reflex points in the hands and feet decreasing tension and stress and bringing about overall feelings of tranquility and peace.

SCALP MASSAGE stimulates the nerve endings and blood vessels in the scalp increasing circulation, reducing tension, and resulting in deeper relaxation and a sense of calm.

SINUS MASSAGE can help relieve pressure and congestion.

HOT STONE THERAPY uses gently warmed basalt or river stones that are placed on the body and used as "tools" for massage. This combination helps to alleviate stress and pain and encourages deep relaxation and feelings of well-being.